2018 will be a celebration of renewal!

Hey friends! So, I've turned 50 and I'm celebrating by going back into the studio! After going through some pretty profound life changes over a number of years, I have emerged with a grateful and energized spirit and with new music. Changes produce challenges, but challenges lead to growth and this growth is reflected in a fresh sound. Hayashan Yitchadesh, "Let the old be made new," the title track of the album, has become my mantra to celebrate this year of personal jubilee. 

UPDATE-As of 2/22, I met my fundraising goal and the album is A GO! Production begins March 2018 with hopes of an autumn release. I am looking forward to bringing you all on this creative journey with me. Your support means the world.

Below is a sample of the title track, Hayashan Yitchadeish, and a music video of the single, History Will Ask

With deep appreciation,