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  1. No Enemy

From the recording No Time for Silence

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No Enemy was written and recorded 10 years ago when I was challenged by a friend to write an interfaith song that had different representations of God in it. Although I am Jewish, I believe that God has revealed Godself to many peoples in many different ways. It is through understanding all of these ways that we begin to get a sense of how vast and diverse God’s reflection on earth really is. God did not create enemies, we did. Beth Schafer, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, programming, John Marsden, keys, Bill Gifford, bass, Charlie Morgan, drums, Will Robertson, organ, dulcimer, vocals


No Enemy
© Beth Schafer, 2008

I dreamt that I walked the road to Demascus
I ran into Jesus and he shared with me
A vision of life in a world filled with kindness
Plainly he asked, “Can it be?”

Later that night I climbed up a mountain
There stood Mohammed, I wanted to go
But “Salaam Aleikum,” he said, “Peace be upon you,
here’s what I want you to know.”

I am One, can’t you see?
There’s nothing but love, there’s no enemy
I am One, only Me
Find me by any name, ‘cause it’s all the same

I sat overlooking the river of Jordan
Where Moses and I basked in God’s rays of gold
“The holy land rests in your hands, treat it gently
For this is the message it holds.”


Find me stranger’s eyes, find me in hungry cries
Find me in starry skies you look to at night
I am the One that was, I am the One that is
I am that I am, the word and the light