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  1. History Will Ask

From the recording No Time for Silence

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History Will Ask asks the broad question, when we look back on this time, will we be able to say that we did enough to right the wrongs that were being committed all around us? Beth Schafer, acoustic guitar, vocals, Will Robertson, bass, keys, electric guitar, vocals, Rafael Pereira, drums


History Will Ask
© Beth Schafer, 2017

Freedom’s held hostage by hatred and fear
Crying a desperate cry
Who will come running, which ones will hear?
Which ones will turn and deny?

Mercy’s been challenged by a dangerous sword
Held by an angry hand
Who will go save her? Who’ll strike a chord
Proclaiming throughout the land

Rally the angels there’s work to be done
Go sound the trumpets come all, come one
Justice is calling that we lead the way
And history will ask what we did on this day

Goodness is begging that we listen close
And rise to an ancient call
That asks us to stand up against all her foes
And fight until each of them falls


No time for silence, no time to wait, no time to gamble humanity's fate