Like so many of you, I am struggling with the state of things. Over the last few months it has given me some solace to write what I feel, to express myself from my core in words and in music. I hate that these times caused me to write these songs, but if they bring you any sense of comfort or purpose then I will be grateful for having written them. In that spirit, I am proud to offer this EP, No Time for Silence. It is a 17-minute cry for decency, civility and compassion.

From now until the end of November, I will donate all proceeds from this EP to HIAS, an organization that protects and settles refugees. If you visit the Sheet Music page, you'll find that the sheet music to these four songs is free to download.

I am most grateful to so many for supporting my writing and recording of these songs.
Thank you for your confidence and generosity.

Executive Producers: Rabbi Amy Perlin, Helaine Blum, Rabbi Brad Levenberg, Rabbi Ron Segal

Benefactors: Dr. Daren and Amanda Becker, Stephen and Candy Berman, Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz, Dr. Robert Kramer, Lewis and Ellen Krinsky, Fr. Dr. Vincent Manalo, Heidi Ortmeyer, Dr. Robert and Joanne Palumbo, Rabbi Jack and Audrey Romberg, Rabbi Sam Shabman, Julie Silver

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No Time for Silence

Beth Schafer

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A four-song cry for compassion, decency and appreciation for the preciousness of humanity.

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